First United Methodist Church of Windsor, NY
Sunday, December 09, 2018
To learn, to live and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Sunday School

Date: Sunday, December 09, 2018
Time: 9:30 AM -
Location: Fellowship Hall and classrooms

Sunday School classes have been very active—finding baby Moses floating in the weeds in the River Jordan, a Burning Bush actually spoke to us about a very important job; we’ve endured many plagues (one of which landed on Mikey Quinn’s chin!), we made our escape from the land with our unleavened bread dough, quickly sweeping up all our crumbs with our handmade brooms. Then we followed each other through the wilderness and crossed the Red Sea, leaving behind Pharaohs army and chariots—all with the help of MOSES! As we continue on our journey, we will focus on the Ten Commandments. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?
We begin Sunday mornings together in Fellowship Hall sharing a 10 minute game, puzzle or coloring. Then we have group music time with “Miss” Loa Noyd, followed by an exciting bible story telling us what to expect on our next journey! The teens gather with Shannon Price and Keith Royer; Terry Merrill -Walker teaches our pre-school through second grade children, while Sue Bennett and Wes Mogenson lead the 3- 5th graders to finish a lesson or project. Bob Bennett, Pastor Sue, and 6 others also contribute to our lessons. Finally . . . we all gather back together for a delicious snack prepared by Lisa and Megan Henley! We have missed several of our teachers & mentors—Joan & Keith Royer, Gail Bagg, and the Freers, who bring so much excitement to our mornings!
Please keep Keith and Gail in your prayers following their recent surgeries. Several of our Sunday School teachers, mentors and church leaders recently completed the required Safe Sanctuaries training. This assures everyone that we offer a safe and secure environment for all children and adults in our church building. Additional adult mentors are always welcome to assist with our exciting activities. Please see Pastor Sue if you feel led to share your time with us or even lead an Adult Sunday School class!
In early December, we will present our annual Christmas Play. Please watch and listen for upcoming information on the ways you and your children can participate! Nursery care for infants - Kindergarten age is offered during the 11:00am worship. Thanks to Emily Forbidussi and Rita Faigle, who lovingly provide a safe space for our children!


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