First United Methodist Church of Windsor, NY
Tuesday, June 02, 2020
To learn, to live and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ




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Pastor: Dr. Barbara Green



Secretary: Susan Bennett



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 Pastor: Dr. Barbara Green

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Prayerful Thoughts: For Me and Perhaps You?
Each day is unique
Each day holds new experiences
Experiences of suffering and struggle
delight and joy
Each day gives me 24 hours
Time for thought and contemplation
action and conversation
rest and sleep.
Changes happen
There is no end to the possibilities
Sometimes I feel threatened and attacked
sometimes I am excited with anticipation.
Fear and joy intertwine.
My thoughts and feelings go this way and that.
Please hang onto me, O God?
Winds blow me to and fro
Perhaps I don't need to be afraid
I am loved by You, You are beyond my understanding
You are connected to the very core of my being.
New days are coming
New ways are upon me
It has been true for all eternity
It is true today.
I do not know what the future holds
In the words of Micah, may I:
Live justly,
Love mercy and kindness
Walk humbly with You, O God,
May Your kindness flow to me and through me
…. Amen.
Or in other words:
Go away fear and greed
Barbara Thorington Green