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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Happy New Year!

If you were at or viewed our service on July 3rd, you would have heard me say that and know why. For those that missed it, I explained that since our church year is from July 1 through June 30 each year, July 3 was the first time we were together in the “new year” for us. It also marked the beginning of my second year serving Windsor UMC.

Reflecting back on my first year serving Windsor, I found it at times challenging, but overall, a wonderful experience and has helped me grow as a pastor. Windsor is not a “big” church as compared to many, but it is the largest both physically and member-wise that I have severed in my first six years as clergy.

There have been a number of firsts for me. For example, the part-time staff, as well as the numerous volunteers, are a great help to me. A lot gets done that many are not aware of and I have a great appreciation for all of them.

The worship service, being live-streamed on Facebook was new, and at first was a little intimidating, as it leads to a feeling that everything has to be perfect. (I think you have gotten used to me not hitting that target.)

The children! I have never had that many children for the children’s message before. It is challenging trying to provide them a message that means something to them, and fun as well, especially with some of the answers to questions I ask them!

I look forward to this new year, and growing as a person and pastor along with all of you.

Pastor Ed

“There’s a season for everything and a time for every matter under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1