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Tuesday, June 02, 2020
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Therefore welcome one another


as Christ has welcomed you,

for the glory of GOD

Romans 15:7


To All Members and Friends of the Windsor United Methodist Church,

This is a time to remind ourselves that we are not alone... God is with us and God cares about us.

The leadership of the church has been struggling with the question of what to do in the face of the Covid-19 world-wide pandemic.  The Bishop writes: “While I know it goes against the nature of many to cancel worship and other activities for any reason, I want to urge and encourage you to suspend in-person worship and other church gatherings for at least the remainder of March.”

Church Council has had dialogue and we will follow this suggestion.  For the moment our in-person worship services, classes, and meetings will be canceled until the end of March and perhaps longer depending on the situation.  We will be investigating ways of providing inspirational messages and worship services on our website, and our facebook page.  

This is a time for us each to be the church for our neighbors, to share the good news that we care as Jesus cared.  Many people will need notes, messages, phone calls in the practice of social distancing. Many who are confined to home may need help getting groceries.  Parents who are trying to provide for their school age children may need some encouragement. We have inhaled God's love over and over, let us feel free to exhale it now...  May God's strength and compassion flow to us and through us.

It is very important for the good of our neighbors near and far to abide by the suggestions of CDC.  Please wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, stay home except for work or to obtain groceries or medical care, etc.  This is the time to use our phones and computers for connecting and communicating. Please check on your neighbors. We may all feel healthy at the moment but the picture is bigger than us.

You may be wondering how the church will survive without our weekly offerings. That is a good question.  If you can continue to contribute, that would be much appreciated. It can be arranged on line or by mail.  Many may have their incomes reduced or even be without incomes for a while. We may need to provide more financial help for our neighbors personally and through the church.  Hopefully those who can, will be generous.

Take time to notice the goodness that surrounds us, the coming of spring, the robins, etc.  May the mercy of God flow abundantly. Do not hesitate to call me or the church with questions or needs.  Please check our website (Windsor First United Methodist Church), and our facebook page (First United Methodist Church of Windsor, NY) frequently for updates and messages.  Please pray for the church and one another. Please share this information with any who may not be on our e-mail list or web page.

Your Sister in Christ

Pastor Barbara



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  • 9:30 Sunday School for all ages - We have learning opportunities for all of God's children whatever your age. Though, we do take summers off.

  • 10:15 Choir Practice - We explore many varieties of music, to make your voice heard join us any time.

  • 11:00 Worship Service - Come as you are - EVERYONE is welcome - we  meet in the sanctuary to worship God.

  • 12:15 or so Coffee Hour - Each week a church group hosts - fellowship abounds


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